Hi! I'm Alyssa Sawyer  šŸ‘‹

Iā€™m a Math and Computer Science major and a machine learning researcher at Harvey Mudd College. I'm currently a Solutions Architect intern at NVIDIA. Previously, I was a software engineer intern at Samba TV and a machine learning researcher at Claremont McKenna College. In my spare time, I love building mechanical keyboards, running, and coaching debate!

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My Projects

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Hand-wiring Custom Acrylic Keyboard

Posted: Dec 9, 2022 ·  Updated: Aug 3, 2023 · 4 min.

My process for making a 40% entirely from scratch.

Sexual Harassment Training in Lincoln-Douglas Debate Camps

Aug 17, 2022 · 20 min.

Critique of current sexual harassment training programs and description of possible solutions.

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